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Applied Mindfulness with Dr. Robert Cox

Applied Mindfulness with Dr. Robert Cox

Instructor: Dr. Robert Cox
August 10-16, 2017
Single Occupancy: $2,000
Double Occupancy: $1,600
Prices are per person and include course tuition, lodging, all meals, and boat transportation to the Light Station from our mainland base. An additional 9% Maine state lodging tax will be charged on the meals and lodging portion of the fee.
Registration: sign up with the online registration form.
If you are unable to sign up online, please find the printable PDF form here.

Applied Mindfulness
Want to move from languishing to flourishing? You can transform your suffering into happiness and well-being through cultivating a regular mindfulness practice. This is a life-affirming workshop enabling participants to learn and practice mindfulness in a sage, supportive and highly participatory, structured learning environment.

Enrolling in this workshop is a way to both take a vacation on an island in Maine and make a short-term investment in learning that will bring life-long benefit to help you live your life with greater, ease, joy, balance, and resilience. Through group and individual participation, you will be invited to learn step by step how to practice and integrate mindfulness skills to sustain a practice through good and turbulent times, keeping the spirit of your practice nourishing and alive.

A set of mindfulness exercises begins the course. For beginners, this can be an introduction into learning basic skills of mindfulness, and for more experienced practitioners, this course can be a time to re-enter into their practice at greater depths. The emphasis on this course will be developing skill in applying mindfulness to our everyday life as it is (informal practice) so that each of us can be realizing a fuller, more engaged life informed by our ordinary awareness, free from self-judgment, self-preoccupation, and habitual distractions. The course will also focus on realizing how mindfulness changes through the course of a day and how to work with this realization.

Mindfulness is both a meditation practice and a quality of being that can help you to be alert, not only to what goes on around you, but also within yourself. A mindfulness practice teaches persons a gentle consistent way to calm and steady the mind by grounding attention in the present moment. When the mind is calm, it is fit to look into itself as well as all of life with more openness and clarity. This clarity can lead to insight, which can enable freedom from reactive patterns that are the basis of much of our suffering. This adult learning experience supports health enhancement and wellness by focusing on prevention. Participants learn the "how to" to taking good care of themselves as well as learning how to achieve a greater sense of balance in the ups and downs of life. The collected wisdom of offering mindfulness programs for over nearly four decades in the United States suggests that doing what you can for yourself, coupled with what your physician can do for you, can be a far more effective intervention than either approach used on its own.

If you are considering attending, all participants are encouraged to read the first half of Jon Kabat Zinn's book, Full Catastrophe Living, before arriving on the island. If you wish to apply for this workshop, all participants are required to provide a brief statement about yourself, your reasons for wanting to enroll at this time in your life, and any concerns you might have in taking this course. If you are engaged in therapy at present, you are encouraged to discuss with your therapist your intention to taking this course. Some persons may be encouraged to wait on taking this course.

Instructor Profile:  Dr. Robert Cox

Originally trained as a neurophysiologist, Dr Cox received ministerial training and then completed doctoral work in clinical psychology. Wearing "three hats," he brings a breadth of understanding and sensitivity to his work, naturally integrating concern for body, mind, and spirit. In an intentional, collaborative relationship, Dr. Cox works with persons to accept pleasure and pain, fear and joy, and all aspects of life with increasing equanimity and balance. He encourages active participation of persons in their own adaptation and change. He is an experienced, ethical and humane practitioner, licensed as a clinical psychologist and an accredited Fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. Retired from a private practice as a psychologist in Portsmouth, NH, he currently is focused on cultivating a long-time engagement with Soto Zen practice as well as writing. He originally trained in Mindfulness Stress Reduction at the Center of Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and has also developed skills in offering Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Relapse Prevention of Depression as well as skills in offering Interpersonal Mindfulness training. Dr. Cox is a longtime practitioner of mindfulness, having first developed a consistent practice to cope with chronic pain. His growing up in Japan lends an additional layer of sensitivity to the teaching of this workshop.

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"At Whitehead Light Station, we seek to give participants an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy the dramatic coast of Maine in an atmosphere that will broaden knowledge, strengthen skills, and promote renewal.  We aim to achieve these goals through a program of simple living, appreciation of the natural world, and first-rate instruction."

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